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Volvo EC460 CLD Crusher

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  • Description

Volvo EC460 CLD Crusher


Weight: 3 LBS

Scale: 1:50


Model Type:
  • Demolition /
  • Excavators

Recommended Age:Ages 14+

  • Features
  • Functional hydraulic cylinders
  • Articulated 2 section boom
  • Rotating carbody
  • Articulated crusher jaws
  • Movable tracks
  • Opening engine access door
  • Accurate boom design
  • Replicated railings and grab rails
  • Detailed hose, cable and hydraulic line placement
  • Replicated engine housing and access doors
  • 4 rear view mirrors
  • Detailed inner cab that features operator chair, and controls
  • Accurate decal placement
  • Replicated exhaust and intake ports
  • Cab Guard
  • Replicated counterweight with lifting detail
  • Work and safety lighting
  • Textured step detail
  • Accurately designed Volvo engine

Model Dimensions:

  • Model Length: 5.2" (132mm)
  • Model Width: 2.8" (71mm)
  • Model Height: 2.76" (70mm)
  • Model Height Erected: 9.84" (250mm)

Box Dimensions:

  • Length: 11.81" (300mm)
  • Width: 4.13" (105mm)
  • Height: 6.3" (160mm)

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  • Customer Reviews

Though there are a few flaws in the machine it still has some excellent quality to it and is one of the best pieces in my fleet

Posted by Cameron on 2/27/2015
At first look I was really wowed by this machine. Great look, great detail, the undercarriage is amazing as it includes working carrier rollers as well as track rollers underneath. BUT a few issues i have are these, I know it's probably a manufacturing mistake that I had a yellow paint splotch on the boom the runs over the volvo logo, it's unfortunate in which it kinda takes away from the look but nothing to get excited about. Also, it's important to not touch the hydraulic lines, as well as the underside of the boom, the lines are tightly strung and glued together, they will come off and flap around very easily, and for the underside of the boom is actually plastic, so you gotta watch when you try to move the boom you don't push it in and displace it.

Another amazing model made by NZG

Posted by Shane on 12/25/2013
When I opened this model on Christmas day I was very happy with the EC460 CLD I had received. The paint work and details are excellent, and the boom and car body have great functionality. The hydraulics of the crusher are stiff, but are well detailed and painted well. The tracks are amazingly detailed with metal, and the rollers work which is a great feature. The engine opens up to revealing the Volvo engine which is greatly detailed. The cab with the safety screen is great a nice warning beacon on top.

I highly recommend this model. Keep it up NZG! -Shane

A nice model by NZG

Posted by Dan on 6/7/2012
A solid effort by NZG makes for a great looking model. The casting is good with a fair amount of fine detail. There are many nicely done little bits like metal grab rails and the plastic mirrors. The windshield wiper is particularly well rendered. The hydraulics are nicely done and add a lot of realism. The paint and decals are very good and look pretty authentic. There is absolutely no looseness anywhere in the movable parts. In fact almost too much the opposite. Slewing is stiff rather than smooth, and it's a bit of a challenge to open and close the very stiff crusher jaw as you have to be careful with not to accidentally damage the fine hydraulic lines when you put your hands on it to pull or push. The plastic safety screen on the front and top of the cab is fragile and very easily dislodged/broken, so care is needed when getting the model out of the packaging and handling it. Overall, it is good value for the money.

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