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Seagrave TDA Stephen Siller Foundation
  • Seagrave TDA Stephen Siller Foundation
  • Seagrave TDA Stephen Siller Foundation
  • Seagrave TDA Stephen Siller Foundation
  • Seagrave TDA Stephen Siller Foundation
  • Seagrave TDA Stephen Siller Foundation
  • Seagrave TDA Stephen Siller Foundation
  • Seagrave TDA Stephen Siller Foundation
  • Seagrave TDA Stephen Siller Foundation
  • Seagrave TDA Stephen Siller Foundation
  • Seagrave TDA Stephen Siller Foundation
  • Seagrave TDA Stephen Siller Foundation
  • Seagrave TDA Stephen Siller Foundation
  • Seagrave TDA Stephen Siller Foundation
  • Seagrave TDA Stephen Siller Foundation

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  • Description

Seagrave TDA Stephen Siller Foundation

SKU: LN094B-01372

Weight: 2 LBS

Scale: 1:50


Model Type:
  • Aerial Ladders /
  • Fire and Rescue /
  • Tractor Drawn Aerials

Recommended Age:Ages 14+

  • Features
  • Steerable front tractor axle
  • Steerable trailer axle
  • Pivoting opening cab that reveals detailed engine
  • Functional axle suspension
  • Extendable 4 section diecast ladder with extending waterway
  • Below grade ladder extension feature
  • Functional outriggers
  • Removable outrigger pads
  • Continuous 360 degree ladder rotation
  • 180 degree tractor arc
  • Detailed tiller cab design
  • Accurate hose and wire detail
  • Accurate front bumper design
  • Exterior air intake detail
  • Accurately designed rims
  • Work and safety lighting
  • Roof mounted air handling unit
  • Air compressor and air hose routing detail
  • Photoetch steps
  • Diamond plate decking
  • Accurate ladder accessories
  • Accurate storage compartment design
  • Detailed Marauder II cab design that features the following: SCBA tanks and SCBA seating Headsets Fans Literature on console Radio equipment Console with detailed gauges

Model Dimensions:

  • Model Length: 14.5" (368.3mm)
  • Model Width: 2" (50.8mm)
  • Model Height: 6.63" (168.28mm)
  • Model Height Erected: 0.97" (24.75mm)

Box Dimensions:

  • Length: 14.25" (361.95mm)
  • Width: 6.75" (171.45mm)
  • Height: 5.63" (142.88mm)

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  • Editorial Review

Seagrave TDA

by: Steven Downes

The marauder II chassis and cab have been meticulously replicated in fine detail. The roof sports an air conditioning system, complete with painted fan blades along with a front light bar with both clear and red tinted lenses with two small warning lights with red lenses fitted to the sides.

Other details on the cab exterior include the proportionately scaled grab rails, diamond plate foot wells and front fender, complete with diamond plate surface and small coloured light lenses. Floodlight housings have been positioned around the cab for extra illumination and these have white painted lenses while underside lights have also been added for true realism.

The underside of the tractor shows the exhaust and transmission, complete with driveshaft to the rear axle. TWH Collectibles are well known for the level of detail added to each model and the Tractor Drawn Aerial is no exception, showing the incredible amount of engineering that has gone into this replica. The chromed metal, self fit rear view mirrors are fitted into the holes in the cab frame while a safety mirror which fits above the front windscreen also needs fixing.

What makes this model so impressive is the detailed paint work. Tiny markings, covers, fasteners and trim have been highlighted perfectly creating an amazing level of realism throughout. The configuration of the tractor is different to the previously released TDA versions with a larger rear compartment, topped with a yellow painted stretcher board.

The fine textured photo etched front grill is amazing with replicated Seagrave logo and silver painted surround. The large front windows, complete with wire windscreen wipers allow the cab interior detailing to be appreciated. The decking of the tractor uses accurate patterned diamond plate throughout with photo etched grill panels giving a true life-like appearance.

The rear coupling is securely fixed and rotates smoothly, requiring two small pins to be fitted to lock the rear section into position. The large fuel tank is mounted on the rear with flexible rubber mud guards, complete with Seagrave printed logo. The cab can be tilted forward to view the fully detailed engine and transmission at the heart of the chassis.

The front wheels have working suspension and steering with accurately moulded rubber tyres fitted to the hubs. The battery housing has moulded batteries with flexible wires visible on the underside of the chassis. A small arm pivots up to hold the cab in the raised position, allowing a good view of the engine block and exhaust pipe work.

As with the previous TDA releases, The rear chassis is amazingly heavy and gives the model a sturdy feel when the ladder is extended which is further enhanced by the H-pattern stabilisers at the front which pull away from the chassis with screw down pads. A nice touch on the model are the two small plates which are stored in the holders on the underside of the chassis and are placed under the stabilisers to give a larger surface area. Even the rope handles have been added, demonstrating the extra level of detail TWH adds to each model.

The chassis is constructed of diamond plate panels with five large simulated roller shutter doored compartments along the side. The top of the chassis has some simulated wooden planks with painted tie-down straps along with housings for the side facing floodlights. The rear wheel has a steering linkage which would be controlled by the fireman in the tiller cab and the degree of steering is pretty good. flexible rubber mud guards with printed logos are fitted to the wheel arch and the tyres have a detailed tread pattern.

The rear panel prominently displays safety and keep clear markings. Accessories have been fitted to the storage locations on each side of the chassis which is different from the previous TDA releases, including fire extinguishers, step ladders and folded floodlight tripods which really does add to the model.

The ladders on each side have very realistic light clusters integrated into each with contoured lenses that do look the part. There are also red beacons on each side of the cab along with rear facing floodlight. The tiller cab has been meticulously recreated with the detailed interior visible through the glazed windows. Large grab rails are added to the cab sides and access steps and the chromed rear view mirrors are supplied in the box and need fitting.

On the sample model, the fit was very loose so a touch of PVC wood glue has been used to keep the mirrors firmly in place. The turntable is mounted to the tip of the chassis with an angled base panel with safety rails and chains fitted. The hydraulics that raise the ladder are nice and stiff allowing the ladder to hold the position chosen at any angle.

A breathing air tank is fitted to the base of the ladder with fixed piping leading up the ladder to the nozzle at the tip. The four stage ladder is highly detailed with an all metal construction. The tip of the ladder is painted yellow with several tools fitted to the inside surface. Below the ladder is the water spray nozzle which extends as the ladder is extended. The ladder can be extended smoothly and the large, mult-stage silver tube mounted below the ladder extends with each ladder section to the tip where the detailed nozzle is located. The ladder rungs have been nicely replicated and have an authentic pattern and structure cast into them.

When extended, the steps line up, just like the full sized machine and the side plates display the designation of the unit. The Seagrave Tractor Drawn Aerial replica is an amazing piece of engineering with numerous differences between the New London and Redwood City variants keeping things interesting.

  • Customer Reviews

Seagrave TDA Stephen Siller Foundation

Posted by Mike West on 7/10/2013
I have just received this model which is a fitting tribute to a Bravest Brother Stephen Siller.The model is very detailed and the finish is really good.I am very pleased with my purchase, it was well packed for it journey across the pond to the UK. This model is a reminder to me of all those Brave Brothers lost on 9/11, also that my sons and I ran in the Tunnel2Towers in NY on 2011 to remember Stephen and others.A model I will treasure and in pride of place along side my 3 London Fire Brigade model appliances that were based at my Fire Station.

An honor to own

Posted by Bruce De Haas on 2/9/2013
Lost one of our own that fateful day, Dana Hannon. It is an honor to own this great piece and it is proudly displayed in my home.

Avery special addition to my collection.

Posted by Ross McG on 1/29/2013
I was over the moon when I found this engine.It's a piece to be admired and to me it signifys the bravery that all these guys showed on9/11.I'm proud to own it.Everythinn about this model is perfect.

Awsome Aerial !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Marty C. on 8/19/2012
I saw the prototype model in a Seagrave booth at a fire appratus show 4yrs. ago. The prototype can't hold a candle to the Steven Siller Foundation model. This model is a must have for anyone's collection. There are not enough words to discribe the graphics and detail of this model.

A must have for any fire collector

Posted by James S. of FDNY on 11/7/2011
The artwork on this TDA is incredible...and I like the fact that it benefits the charities. At only 500 produced, this one is sure to maintain its value. Great job TWH!

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