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Potain MDT 178 Red

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  • Description

Potain MDT 178 Red

SKU: TWH047-01032

Weight: 27 LBS

Scale: 1:50


Model Type:
  • Model Cranes /
  • Tower Cranes

Recommended Age:Ages 14+

  • Features
  • Jib and counter-jib swivel 360 degrees
  • Fully functional trolley
  • Individual base and counter-jib counterweights
  • Adjustable base foot pads
  • Two part load block
  • Concrete hopper
  • Load block winch
  • Trolley winch
  • Detailed operator cab
  • Tubular mast
  • Ladders with safety cages
  • Replicated concrete base
  • Photoetch catwalks and mast platform
  • Counter jib sail
  • Accurate cord and lacing diameter reduction on jib
  • Accurate weldments

Model Dimensions:

  • Model Length: 53" (1346.2mm)
  • Model Width: 8" (203.2mm)
  • Model Height: 60" (1524mm)

Box Dimensions:

  • Length: 43.5" (1104.9mm)
  • Width: 15" (381mm)
  • Height: 6" (152.4mm)

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  • Editorial Review

Potain MDT178 Tower Crane

by: Steven Downes

Presented here is the 1:50th scale Potain MDT178 tower crane. This is the first mass produced 1:50th scale lattice tower crane and it's a monster, with a height of almost 1.5 metres and a jib length of 1.4 metres.

The base of the crane is fitted to a heavy white stone base which gives the model substantial weight to prevent the model being knocked over. The four stabilisers can be rotated to lower them to ensure the mast remains perpendicular. The instructions in the box suggest this is checked after the model has been erected for 5 days.

Each main mast section has a detailed metal ladder and walkway with etched grill and cage protection over each ladder just like the real crane. Each section is connected using four small screws and there are thirteen sections in total, each one measuring 100mm. The model is supplied pre-assembled with a ten section and three section sub-assembly. TWH have even included a screwdriver in the box, complete with Potain logo.

There are sixteen base weights which fit to the frame of the crane. There are three different types of weight that fit together, including two which have the Potain name plate fitted to them. The assembly of the crane is very easy and withing a couple of minutes, the entire main mast is fully assembled. At the top of the crane, the operator access walkways have all been reproduced, complete with etched floor panels, opening cab door and hydraulic winch motor hoses all present.

The etched access panels go the entire length on the rear mast to the counterweight area and about a third the way along the front mast. The cab is highly detailed with the operator seat clearly visible through the clear front and side windows. A sun screen has been added to the front window along with upper and lower wind screen wipers. Even the side windows have an authentic sun screen printed to the top edges. The rear of the cab has two opening doors and the electrical panels are mounted behind the cab on both sides of the crane.

The main hook winch is operated with the supplied winding key and once the concrete bucket is fitted, there is enough weight for the hook to lower smoothly. Other details on the model include slewing motors, complete with cables and hoses and an auxiliary support crane winch and swinging arm.

The rear of the model has an opening where the seven counterweight sections slide into place. Each section pins together and the outer two have locating pins which fit into the slots to keep the weights in place. The prominent Potain name and logo is found on one side along with etched floor panels and handrails giving operator access to the weights. Each weight section has two lifting eyes fitted to add to the realism.

The trolley has an access platform fitted which moves along the jib as the trolley winch is turned. The movement of the trolley is smooth and is capable of traversing the full length of the jib. The concrete bucket supplied with the model features a fully working discharge mechanism which opens by pulling down the handle . This is another example of the great amount of functional detail found on each TWH model.

The paint finish is excellent and the model is available in several different versions. The model is supplied in a large cardboard box with two piece polystyrene inner which protects the model very well and there is a colour booklet showing the real machine's technical details along with an extensive assembly guide with step by step assembly instructions

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Posted by on 10/13/2014
Well designed model. Easy to understand from an assembly standpoint. Great looking when finished.

This is great addition to crane collections.

And the excellent service from made for a great purchase experience.

like the real thing

Posted by on 9/24/2013
great model - all functions work very nicely

Attention to detail is awsome

Posted by brett on 9/16/2013
The detail is awsome. a must for any crane collector. well worth the cost.


Posted by Karl on 6/4/2013
One of the best cranes I have seen,excellent detail

Extreme attention to detail and well constructed

Posted by Brad Teunis on 6/2/2013
I have ordered many crane models but this has been the best order I have ever purchased. That is why I ordered it twice. Very happy with your product

Worth Every Penny

Posted by Kevin on 4/3/2013
First of all, this thing is freaking huge! Which is exactly what I wanted in a tower crane model. It's also super detailed and also modular (ie-you can make it so it's not quite so tall!).

Just buy it.


Best tower crane available

Posted by Tom H. on 1/30/2013
This is the best out there.Extremely detailed in every way possible. I don't think there is any plastic on it. A definite must for any collector.

Awesome detail

Posted by Ponce201 on 1/19/2013
Outstanding detail and quality taken to fabricate this model , I must say this is the first model crane I have purchased and definitely it will not be the last , I will buy a few more models and start a small collection .
I highly recommend this product to any person that wants to impress people that visit their office ,home , etc.

Even better in real life!!

Posted by Dan on 12/8/2012
After nearly a year of convincing myself to buy this model, I was glad when it finally arrived. The detail in every aspect of this crane is amazing, and working around them daily, it is very hard to pick the difference. I built the model with 10 sections instead of the supplied 13. The crane now happily sits lifting 1 boom section as the other 2 sit on the back of a Kenworth T908 with drake trailer (i know, a little overkill with the Drake but do not have a flat bed yet)
If you are interested in buying this model i definitely would'nt wait, its quite a large model and looks even better being posed as if the crane is being jumped, my favourite model, and definitely wont be the last!
Price is right...

Posted by Joe G. on 9/19/2012 is the most detailed tower crane. As always, I chose Potain's house colors as those construction companies mean nothing to me, living where I live, so mine is in a beautiful fire-engine red normally associated with Ferrari, that bring out the excellent craftsmanship typical of TWH.
For stability purposes, i chose to build mine using only ten mast sections, leaving out three out of thirteen provided with the kit. Although the base is heavy and the very convincing "concrete" ballast weights do a good job stabilizing the model, I decided not to risk it since the models is quite tall and has to be displayed outside of my cabinets as it doesn't fit.
The set-up is pretty straightforward and the lines come already reeved, and the only thing I noticed was that it was best to do some tread-chasing before final assembly because the treads on the mast sections had manufacturing residues. After that, assembly was pretty easy and the model gets a lot of oohs and aahs. The detail is as always incredible, plenty of cabling, photo-etch walkways, pulleys and all. Plastic is practically non-existing.
I have taken pictures of the model outdoors against a suitable background, and it is difficult to see it's a model. Now I only have to get me another flatbed trailer to pose the remaining sections of the mast.

Wow awesome

Posted by Manuel on 8/21/2012
I have been wanting this model for some time now. it is awesome the detail is great what more could you ask for. If you are in to cranes this is a must. It would be nice if it had a extension kit for it that be cool. the claiming cadge is a must to compliment the model.

Very detailed model

Posted by Robert G on 6/21/2012
This is my first model. Very happy with it.

impressive model

Posted by dave on 4/23/2012
my second model crane , detail is a credit to the guys at twh . it looks great on display with the climbing cage and load in suspension,i cant wait to add more twh cranes to my display.

great model!

Posted by cranedude07 on 7/21/2011
this model is awesome! has great detail and is pretty tall. being that there is only 2 big, 1/50 scale tower cranes available, this is definately the better model, i have this one and the liebherr 630 ech 40 tower crane, this crane isnt as tall but packs in more detail. i recommend it along with the climbing cage!

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