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Liebherr LR1300 Crawler Crane

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  • Description

Liebherr LR1300 Crawler Crane


Weight: 12 LBS

Scale: 1:50


Model Type:
  • Crawler Cranes /
  • Model Cranes

Recommended Age:Ages 14+

  • Features
  • Accurate carbody detail
  • Accurate rear view mirror
  • Detailed hose, cable and hydraulic line placement
  • Accurate 9 section lattice boom detail
  • Replicated track pads
  • Accurate storage compartment and engine compartment detail
  • Accurate engine intake and exhaust ports
  • Simulated cab guard
  • Accurate catwalks and walkways with anti-slip detail
  • Detailed inner cab with replicated operator seat, operating levers, and computer monitor
  • Accurate decal placement
  • Diecast pendant lines
  • Work lighting
  • Functional hydraulic cylinders
  • Key operated winches that operate the load line, luffing jib, boom hoist and gantry operations
  • Fully functional tracks
  • 3 opening carbody access doors
  • Removable body and rear counterweights
  • Rotating carbody
  • Boom assembly with supplied nuts and bolts

Model Dimensions:

  • Model Length: 9.53" (242mm)
  • Model Width: 4.02" (102mm)
  • Model Height: 6.38" (162mm)

Box Dimensions:

  • Length: 9.45" (240mm)
  • Width: 4.76" (121mm)
  • Height: " (210mm)

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  • Editorial Review

Liebherr LR1300 Lattice Boom Crawler Crane

By: Steven Downes

Presented here is the 1:50th scale Liebherr LR1300 crawler crane from NZG. The basic model consists of the boom and jib sections to construct a basic lifting configuration. There is also an additional accessory set allowing the model to be built into a heavy lift crane with the addition of derrick and back mast. The accessory kit also includes an additional main and jib section.

The model is very well packaged in polystyrene trays, securely holding all the parts. The upper tray has the pre-assembled boom and jib sections with the undercarriage ballast and metal pennant lines.

The lower tray holds the main crane body, counterweights, counterweight tray and the boom head. One very welcomed sight is the pre-rigged A-frame which will avoid the collector from spending time rigging the model. A nice touch is that a shaped polystyrene insert has been used to keep the A-frame in position until the boom sections and pennant lines have been connected.

The rear counterweight tray is crisply cast with holes for the lifting mechanism to connect. The chains and lifting bars look good and once connected, they can be positioned as required, fully demonstrating the lifting system on the full sized machine. Four large and three small counterweight blocks are supplied for each side of the tray with metal bars passing through the centre of them to prevent them becoming dislodged.

The undercarriage features removable track frames which is achieved by removing the four screws on the upper side of the main undercarriage frame. These are hidden once the two silver plastic walkways are installed. The frame has four swing out stabilisers with screw down pads which raise the frame off the ground allowing the crane to be authentically posed in a transport configuration.

Four large ballast blocks are supplied which connect between the track frames to provide more weight to the crane.

These just rest on the cast holders on the inside of each track frame and can be a little tricky to fit

The individually linked metal tracks have an authentic textured surface on each pad and rotate smoothly. They interlock with each other with the tension on the idler keeping the tracks taut. The lower rollers along the track frame rotate freely allowing the tracks to be turned easily once the crane is fully assembled.

The cab fitted to the model can be tilted with a hydraulic piston providing the precise adjustment, however, care needs to be taken during the adjustment as tilting the cab too much will cause the piston to fall out of the cylinder. The frame behind the cab pivots, allowing the cab to swing in front of the body during transport, once the main boom has been removed.

Silver walkways are fitted to the front and side of the cab with a fully replicated interior and photo-etched windscreen wipers fitted to the front and roof window. Twin radio antennas and forward facing work lights are also present on the roof with a metal grab rail and rear view mirror fixed to the cab frame.

The main body has three winches fitted, one operating the rear A-frame and two main lifting winches. Winding keys are supplied which locate with the square ends of the winch drums, where pressure is required to release the locking mechanism before the drums can be rotated.

The Winch for the A-frame is connected with a cog which is a nice piece of engineering but I found that operating the winch is very difficult, especially with the full weight of the boom pulling on the A-frame. The grip on the winding key is limited so the wearing of gloves is recommended to get the grip required to turn the drum. You also have to turn the key in the opposite direction. It is a pity that NZG do not provide winding keys that can be used with removable bit screwdrivers which would make operating the winches much easier.

One disappointment on the model is that the boom head is permanently connected to the jib which prevents the collector from erecting the model without using the jib. While the competent modeller can drill out the rivets fixing the jib in place, it is a pity that NZG did not consider this in the first place. The boom and jib sections have been crisply cast and connect together well, with tiny nuts and bolts used to secure them together.

The metal pennant lines are a nice addition to the model and give it a very life-like appearance with most of the pennants pre-assembled and joined to make rigging the crane relatively easy. Working with the tiny nuts and bolts can be frustrating and NZG have provided two tools which allow the collector to easily connect everything together (Anyone owning the Liebherr HS855 or LTM11200 will be familiar with these tools)

As almost everything on the model is metal, the weight is substantial, especially in the boom and jib. I have noticed that the crane can become a little unstable and tipsy if the main boom is lowered too much, as the weight of the jib and boom affect the balance of the model, making it front heavy.

As mentioned at the start, an accessory set is also available allowing the model to be rigged with a derrick. The set contains one additional main and one additional jib section to increase the height and range with the back mast and wheeled counterweight carrier.

The base of the back mast has an integrated winch which operates the raisinglowered of the main boom. As with the other winches, pressure is needed to release the holding mechanism before the drum can be turned. The tip of the back mast has the pennant lines pre-assembled that eventually connect to the A-frame and wheeled ballast carrier once the extension pieces are bolted into place.

One nice addition is the mechanism by which the pennant lines connect between the ballast carrier and tip of the back mast, allowing the crane to be configured with just the back mast in place and without the carrier. This configuration may not be used in real life but it does look good on the model and reduced the amount of space required to display the model.

The frame of the ballast carrier is highly detailed and functional, with walkways fitted along the top of the extending arm, complete with integrated access ladder and safety railings.

The extending arm uses pins to lock it into place and flexible hydraulic lines have been added which connect to the rear of the crane body and slide out as the ballast tray is extended.

The four axles have simulated, non-functional suspension detailing with four wheels fitted to each axle, complete with rubber tyres that have a grooved tread pattern. Two large stabilisers are also integrated into the tray and they extend by pulling them out.

The accessory set is a nice addition to a fantastic model, and it is good to see that NZG have packaged it separately as some collectors may prefer just to own the basic crane. The assembly instructions supplied with the accessory set detail how to disassemble the original crane although I suspect that most collectors that want to add the derrick may purchase both at the same time.

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The model is vey impressive and the weight of it is amazing. I AM happy to br an owner of the Liebherr LR1300.

Posted by excavate on 11/3/2014
The Liebherr LR1300 is fantastic model as the model is well built with majority of the parts made in metal which is a plus as NZG is top noch for weight in the model.

great model to have

Posted by Lynn Ramsey on 12/28/2013
great model crane to have it just like the real one. the model is all it can be every piece on it works and looks like the real one.

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