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K-Tec 1233 Scraper

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K-Tec 1233 Scraper

SKU: MA15826

Weight: 3 LBS

Scale: 1:50


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  • Scrapers

Recommended Age:Ages 14+

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K-Tec 1233 towed scraper with Volvo A40F Prime Mover/h3>

by:Steven Downes

The K-Tec company produced their first scraper in 2000 when founder Ken Rempel could not find a suitable scraper from any other manufacturer that was suitable for handling the challenging red river valley material. The K-Tec 1233 ADT is a popular scraper which has been designed for self loading with a 40-ton, 400+ horsepower rock truck featuring fast hydraulics, a smooth ride, and joy-stick scraper control.

Motorart has developed a very interesting 1:50th scale replica of the 1233 ADT which is paired with a Volvo A40F ADT rock truck. On first observation, it is interesting that Motorart have chosen to use the 2013 tooling for the A40F over the improved 2014 tooling so the model does not feature the updated metal safety railings. This said, the model still looks impressive and has a new frame connected to the rear chassis providing the coupling point for the scraper neck.

The connection mechanism is quite fragile and takes a little wiggling for the pin to connect correctly and the hydraulic hose bundle is a little short and only just reaches the hook-up panel which has a hinged upper to trap the hoses.

The 1233 scraper has some very nice engineering touches although this is let down with the loose hydraulics which don’t allow the bowl to remain raised, a mute point as there is hardly any upper movement on the arms due to the engineering tolerances on the pivoting point and angle at which the neck is connected to the cross-member which does look a little steep when compared to images of the full sized scraper box.

The ejector plate extends along the full length of the bowl and has a nice mesh upper guard while the front gate has a very nicely engraved K-Tec logo with another mesh spill guard. The fixed silver hydraulic piping is nicely modelled with flexible hoses added to connect up to the cylinders.

The rear tyres are all independently free-rolling with a very nicely moulded accurate tread pattern. Small printed markings and logos enhance the appearance while the paint finish is to a fairly high standard.

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Posted by don beale on 10/11/2014
one of the best models i have in my collection i am very happy to own one. thank you dicast.

Lovely model poorly finished

Posted by Geoff on 9/24/2014
I was impressed by this model on the screen and when it arrived and I still do like it. However finish quality very disappointing. One hydraulic ram, one pin and one screw loose in box as was the hose cover from the front. Hoses secured too short to reach cover and some missing paint. Lot of model for price but should be better finished

The K-Tec 1233 Scraper

Posted by Rick Scoville, Englewood, OH on 9/9/2014
Well, really more like 4.5 stars. For sure, this is a unique piece of equipment. Not your usual scraper or what we normally think of when we think of scrapers. That comment out of the way, the model is very well done. The paint and graphics are excellent. The Volvo ADT looks great especially with the very wide tires. Nice amount of detail on the unit for the price point. As for the scraper unit, again, good detailing. On my example, the scraper bowl does stay in the "up" position. The four large tires in the rear all move independent of one another. The attachment point of the scraper to the ADT unit could have been a little better, but it works. One shortfall is that the hose connection from the scraper to the ADT unit isn't long enough. Needs another 1/2 inch or so to connect properly. An easy fix. All said and done, it looks great in the display cabinet along with my other scrapers. Get one while you can. Great service from DieCast Models, too!

K-Tec 1233 scraper

Posted by Leon Charlesworth on 8/31/2014
Really nice ordered model in July and there was a problem
With the manufacturing the sales department kept me we ll informed
And thanks for agreat service .
I am realy happy with model only problem is with the front rams they
do not hold the scraper bowl in the up position, a little lose .
Other wise agreat model

Different take on a scraper

Posted by George Sedlock on 8/27/2014
Just received my scraper and put it on the shelve with my others, it's unique set up from the others really draws attention. as usual I'm very satisfied with the service I received from Diecastmodels. I ordered it in July and was informed it was it would be shipped as soon as they received it,they kept me informed as to it's status all along I really appreciate the service I receive when I order.

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