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Hitachi ZX870-3 Hydraulic Excavator with 3 attachments

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  • Description

Hitachi ZX870-3 Hydraulic Excavator with 3 attachments


Weight: 5 LBS

Scale: 1:50


Model Type:
  • Construction /
  • Excavators

Recommended Age:Ages 14+

  • Features
  • Replicated railings and grab rails
  • Detailed hose, cable and hydraulic line placement
  • Replicated engine housing
  • Accurate decal placement
  • Rear view mirrors
  • Detailed inner cab that features operator chair and controls
  • Replicated exhaust and intake ports
  • Replicated excavator bucket
  • Cab and boom mounted work lighting
  • Functional hydraulic cylinders
  • Articulated 2 section boom
  • Movable tracks
  • Rotating carbody
  • Pivoting excavator bucket

Model Dimensions:

  • Model Length: 9.02" (229mm)
  • Model Width: 5" (127mm)
  • Model Height: 2.99" (76mm)

Box Dimensions:

  • Length: 12.01" (305mm)
  • Width: 5.75" (146mm)
  • Height: 5.51" (140mm)

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  • Editorial Review

Hitachi ZX870 LCH-3 Tracked Excavator with 3 Attachments

by:Steven Downes

Presented here is the 1:50th scale Hitachi ZX870-3 tracked excavator with a set of three attachments included in the box, consisting of a digging bucket, Demarec Multi Processor and Demarec Scrap shear. The replica has been produced by WSI Models.

The ZX870 was originally produced with a single attachment in a limited edition release of 1000 pieces of each version. Now these are long sold out, The Merchandise Company has commissioned the production of a single model with all three attachments included in the box. No casting changes have been made to the model or the attachments with the only difference in the printing of the packaging and the plastic collector card.

Each of the three attachments bolts into place on the end of the stick with a spare set of nuts and bolts included.

The structural detailing of the Demarec multi-processor attachment is visible with pin cover and lifting ring detailing integrated into the casting.

The main feature of the Demarec multi-quick pocessor is the ability to remove the jaws from the attachment whilst leaving the main slewing head and hydraulic cylinder in place on the excavator

Amazingly, this ability has been fully captured on the model and the jaw assembly can be authentically removed by extracting the two metal pins (As pictured above).

This is certainly an unexpected feature on the model and I really hope that WSI will decide to sell the attachments seperately in the future. It also gives them the option of modelling the different jaw sets, just like on the full sized attachment.

The bucket has some fine detailing of the wear strips along the bottom surface along with the side cutting bars which have small dimples simulating the fixing bolts.

The head has 360 degree rotation with a stiff hydraulic piston offering a very realistic range of movement of the crushing jaws which have excellent definition of the teeth and cutting bar.

The choice of attachments by WSI is certainly a welcome touch and the shear, like the multi processor, has been constructed very well and features 360 degree rotation of the shear body with a fully functional jaw which has cutter bar detailing with highlighted fixing bolts.

The satin black finish to the bucket looks great and is a good contrast to the orange colour on the rest of the model.

The model is full of details and touches that are missing on excavator models from most other manufacturers, like the removable rear ballast block which reveals all the internal frame structure. While there are several models that have removable counterweights, the detail revealed within is lacking in comparison to the ZX870.

The ballast itself is a good weight and has lifting eyes, complete with small holes integrated into the casting along with bolt and panel detailing on the upper surface.

The two pins of the ballast push firmly into the two holes in the rear structure and hold well, although the fit is rather tight so care needs to be taken.

The side opening doors are a very welcome addition on the model, more so because they reveal the fully replicated engine block within which has everything fitted, from the air intake and exhaust piping to the fully assembled and detailed cooling assembly which has intricate fan blade detailing along with photo-etched safety grills.

The radiator grill has been highlighted in silver with the associated pipework with authentic paintwork and printed labels making the engine bay look amazing.

There is a lift up top cover that reveals more of the engine while silver handles and catches have been added within the engine service area, complete with tiny printed safety and warning labels.

The engine and cooling system is not removable from the model and it is amazing to see such details on an area of the model which is somewhat hidden. Everything has been replicated including the hydraulic pumps, hoses, cables and electrical components.

The opposite side of the body structure has very crisp grill cut-outs allowing the cooling assembly to be seen within. Silver paint has been used to highlight the fixing bolts for a little extra realsim, as if it were needed with accurately scaled safety railings fitted around the engine service areas, Unlike with other manufacturers, WSI have actually printed small fixing brackets over the holes where the railing fit, giving an incredible level of realism showing the amazing attention to detail that WSI have put into this replica.

The track frames have crisp casting detail of the lower roller frame although there are no actual rotating rollers along the bottom edge. Three support rollers are fitted to the upper frack frame with bolt detailing evident on the main undercarriage cross members with integrated access steps and printed labels. The linked metal tracks are tensioned and rotate smoothly with grouser and bolt detailing visible on each pad.

Everywhere you look on the model, there are intricate details like the slewing motors housed below the boom mounting point which are just about visible inside the opening in the casting and the etched black walkway panels fitted to the deck that have an intricate textured anti-slip grip pattern which is rough to the touch.

The main boom lift hydraulics have fixed and flexible hydraulic pipework, complete with connection blocks which are nicely engineered with the accurately moulded cylinders showing the bolt fixing details.

The fixed pipework on the back of the boom is raised up and looks much more authentic than having it cast into the back of the boom as most other manufacturers do. While this no doubt adds additional cost to the model, the results are more than worth it in my opinion.

The hydraulics are relatively stiff and hold the boom in any position chosen without any droop while the range of movement of the boom, stick and bucket linkage are very realistic, topped with the use of painted hexagonal headed bolts and nuts that are used to connect the attachment to the stick, allowing it to be easily removed if required.

The internal cab detailing is very good with all the panel and facia contours accurately captured. The seat has integrated armrests with a blue coloured finish simulating the blue material found on the full sized machine, complete with a printed Hitachi logo. The hand and foot controls are all present and correct within while the glazed windows have printed window seal detailing with both front and roof debris protection screens fitted.

The roof protection screen is photo-etched with an intricate slotted pattern while etched walkway panels have been added along the side of the upper structure.

  • Customer Reviews

best with the shear

Posted by Hal on 6/7/2014
Best excavator so far in my collection. It arrived with some small damage but glue fixed it. The shear didn’t fit, that required some small sanding but after that was solved it’s a perfect model.

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