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Hitachi ZX470-5 Tracked Excavator

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  • Description

Hitachi ZX470-5 Tracked Excavator


Weight: 5 LBS

Scale: 1:50


Model Type:
  • Excavators

Recommended Age:Ages 14+

  • Features
  • Functional hydraulic cylinders
  • Articulated 2 section boom
  • Movable tracks
  • Rotating carbody
  • Pivoting excavator bucket
  • Accurate boom design
  • Replicated railings and grab rails
  • Detailed hose, cable and hydraulic line placement
  • Replicated engine housing
  • Accurate decal placement
  • Rear view mirrors
  • Detailed inner cab that features operator chair and controls
  • 2 section boom design
  • Accurate decal placement
  • Replicated exhaust and intake ports
  • Replicated excavator bucket

Model Dimensions:

  • Model Length: 9.02" (229mm)
  • Model Width: 5" (127mm)
  • Model Height: 2.99" (76mm)

Box Dimensions:

  • Length: 12.01" (305mm)
  • Width: 5.75" (146mm)
  • Height: 5.51" (140mm)

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  • Editorial Review

Hitachi ZX470-5 Tracked Excavator

by: Steven Downes

Presented here is the 1:50th scale Hitachi ZX470LC-5 tracked excavator from TMC Scale Models. Following hot on the heels of their previously released ZX250-5, the new 470-5 has even more attention to detail and realism with nothing missed.

The cabin interior has been authentically modelled and painted in a two-tone grey with the Hitachi name printed on the seat back and a side console housing the monitoring display screen. The joystick controls are mounted to the integrated armrests, complete with safety hydraulic shut-off lever while the flooring has a ridged surface texture with foot controls and steering levers.

A service platform is fixed along the side of the upper carriage with a photo-etched walkway for added realism while access steps behind the cabin lead to the upper engine area.

All the safety railings and grab rails are produced in metal and accurately scaled while fine metal handles are attached to the engine covers and inside the opening cabin door.

The body casting highlights all the ridges of the door panels and covers with two opening upper covers revealing the internal engine compartment which houses the replicated diesel engine. The side grill panel slots allow a glimpse of the internal radiator panel with black highlighted anti-slip panels located on the upper engine bay surfaces.

The rear counterweight is not detachable but does have lifting eyes cast into the upper surface with recesses on the rear surface and printed safety labels on the corners, complete with a rear view camera housing. The panel handle detailing is particularly realistic with contoured inner flaps and silver highlighted locks.

The hydraulic hoses and piping throughout the model are really well executed with all fixed piping raised from the boom with armoured flexible hoses fitted to the stick and bucket cylinders.

Unlike the ZX250-5, the bucket on the 470-5 has been riveted in place, so it is not easy to replace the work tool.

The bucket itself has good side cutting and tooth detailing and all pins have been painted orange, as have the ends of the pistons.

The stick has auxiliary hydraulic lines on both sides hinting at a possible future model with powered attachment.

The undercarriage frame has the lower roller detailing cast into the track frames with two access ladders fixed to each side, complete with rigid anti-slip top surfaces. The idler wheels are tensioned keeping the individually linked tracks taut while the three upper rollers are free-rolling. The drive wheels have bolt fixing details highlighted on the final drive housings with the tracks also showing bolt head detailing on each dual grouser pad.

The paint finish is excellent throughout with an even finish showing off all the intricate casting details while the various safety markings and Hitachi name is accurately applied. TMC Scale Models have raised the bar on what is possible in 1:50th scale with this true museum class replica. It is exceptional value for the money.

  • Customer Reviews

Very nice model

Posted by Cameron g stanton on 10/16/2014
I got this model in the mail and it's great very detailed and realistic would definatly by again

Very Detailed Model

Posted by Tim on 9/4/2014
This was the first time I purchased a model from this manufacturer and was very pleased. The model is very detailed and is made very well. It is a sturdy model, not having a large amount of plastic on it.

It is an excellent addition to my collection.

Great model

Posted by on 6/16/2014
I had heard that this model was well detailed, but was still surprised to see just how much detail it has. for s smaller excavator, this is very well done and I am very happy to have gotten it, at the price listed. Dan

Great model!

Posted by Vinny on 12/28/2013
Wonderful detail and movement on this model. It is a must have for any excavator collector!


Posted by Jylou on 12/1/2013
Détails impressionnants, aucun défaut, tout fonctionne correctement, y compris les tracks. Je pourrais passer des heures a l'admirer.
Je le trouve plus beau que la ZX870. Magnifique !!!. Model a avoir dans sa collection.
Grand merci à

Construction Masterpiece

Posted by David Liszewski on 9/19/2013
If you are a fan of trackhoes and great deatail, this is a must buy for any collector! Great value, high quality like it's big brother the Hitachi zx870. The two make a great pair side by side.

Amazing model!

Posted by Unkown on 8/1/2013
This is one amazing model!
It is a very detailed one for sure.
For the detail and quality of the
model it is 100% worth the price!

Great model!

Posted by on 5/1/2013
It's a really good model especially for the price. Functionality - it has a full range of realistic movement on all movable parts. Detail - Lots of small bolt head, etched catwalks, clear graphics, and convincing cab details located throughout.

The metal tracks are stiff and do not roll easily on my model, but do look nice with grouser details.

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