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CAT 769B Rear Dump Truck
  • CAT 769B Rear Dump Truck
  • CAT 769B Rear Dump Truck
  • CAT 769B Rear Dump Truck
  • CAT 769B Rear Dump Truck
  • CAT 769B Rear Dump Truck
  • CAT 769B Rear Dump Truck
  • CAT 769B Rear Dump Truck
  • CAT 769B Rear Dump Truck
  • CAT 769B Rear Dump Truck
  • CAT 769B Rear Dump Truck
  • CAT 769B Rear Dump Truck
  • CAT 769B Rear Dump Truck
  • CAT 769B Rear Dump Truck
  • CAT 769B Rear Dump Truck
  • CAT 769B Rear Dump Truck
  • CAT 769B Rear Dump Truck

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  • Description

CAT 769B Rear Dump Truck


Weight: 3 LBS

Scale: 1:48


Model Type:
  • Dump Trucks /
  • Mining

Recommended Age:Ages 14+

  • Features
  • Ultra accurate to original machine
  • Detailed engine and drivetrain
  • Functional steering
  • Metal grab rails
  • Articulated dump bed with three-stage pistons
  • Realistic free-rolling tires and mud flaps
  • Includes serial numbered spec brochure

Model Dimensions:

  • Model Length: 6" (152.4mm)
  • Model Width: 3.25" (82.55mm)
  • Model Height: 3.25" (82.55mm)

Box Dimensions:

  • Length: 14" (355.6mm)
  • Width: 7" (177.8mm)
  • Height: 7" (177.8mm)

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  • Editorial Review

Caterpillar 769B Haul Truck

by: Steven Downes

Presented here is the Caterpillar 769B haul truck in 1:48th scale, manufactured by CCM. It is an update to the original 769 with both new and original castings and a new shape tipping body.

Detailing on the model is very high with a sloping fuel tank, flexible rubber mud guards connected to brackets hanging from the underside of the dump body, accurately modelled air and hydraulic tanks and clear plastic light lenses just some of the noticable additions with more fine details than the original 769 model release.

The cab has a replicated interior visible through the clear windows with accurately scaled metal grab rails fitted to the frame. An etched side platform is fitted which has an intricate pattern with access steps fitted to both sides of the engine compartment.

The front grill has a series of small circular holes etched into it and is held in place with small pins while clear plastic lenses have been added to the light housings integrated into the bonnet. While the front protective frame is the same as the original, the cab shape is a little different and there are other small differences which are noticed only by close inspection.

The three stage chromed piston rods lift the low sided dump bed to a very realistic height and angle of tip and are stiff enough to hold the body in any position chosen. This also reveals the reproduced drive shaft, rear axle detailing and transmission within the chassis.

The tipping body has ridged structural detailing along the sides with a sloped bottom and rock clearing bars which are very stiff and don't quite line up between the rear tyres are fitted beneath the bed.

One nice addition is the heated bed option which has been modelled with a frame fitted to the overhang, fitted with photo-etched mesh screens for added realism.

The steering of the front wheels is functional with small cylinders and linkage bars all visible underneath the model. Also visible is the engine block and drivetrain to the rear axle which is partially hidden by the panel fitted to the front of the chassis to protect the engine. All the pins and rivets have been painted which offers a much more pleasing appearance.

The rubber tyres have an upgraded pattern with a shaped tread instead of the slotted tyres fitted to the original, complete with detailed metal wheel hubs which are all freely rotating along with slight oscillation of the rear axle. The model is being made in a run of 750 pieces and is presented in a quality cardboard box with inner polystyrene protection for the model. The model looks great alongside the previously released Caterpillar 769 haul truck.

The Machine:
The second version of the 769, the 769B, featured a 15hp boost, for an engine output totaling 415hp. Another major upgrade was the new V-bottom body which provided a larger target area than the “A ModelÃ¢â‚¬ï† and lowered the truck’s center of gravity, increasing vehicle stability. Oil-cooled disc brakes provided a larger surface area with better stopping power, less fade and longer parts life than drum brakes. Pneumatic-oil suspension provided a smooth and stable ride, with the redesigned steering system increasing reliability and the operator’s “feelÃ¢â‚¬ï† of the road. An all new cab design further improved operator access, safety, convenience and comfort.
The Model:
Our 1:48 scale, die-cast model of the Caterpillar 769B is a tribute to this legendary machine. As is true with all our models, our goal was to capture as much detail as possible to make the model a true reflection of the machine. Lifting the dump bed exposes the chromed piston rods on the three stage lift cylinders while allowing a view of the accurately modeled drive shafts, transmission, rear axle, air and hydraulic tanks. Includes a signed and serial-numbered spec brochure reproduction.

  • Customer Reviews

Glad to see CCM products available through Diecastmodels!

Posted by John Glave on 6/12/2013
I have always been a fan of CCM because of the fine quality they put into every model and this dump truck is no exception. Despite its' small size, the degree of detail is amazing. I am careful to display my CCM models only along side other CCM equipment because they tend to make other manufacturers look bad...this is a great model for the price.

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