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Bucyrus 49HR Blasthole Drill White with Blue Mast

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  • Description

Bucyrus 49HR Blasthole Drill White with Blue Mast

SKU: TWH022-01021

Weight: 11 LBS

Scale: 1:50


Model Type:
  • Drills /
  • Mining

Recommended Age:Ages 14+

  • Features
  • Key operated pull down gear system
  • Functional hoist rotary machinery
  • Replicated angle drilling operations
  • Functional outriggers
  • Removable covers feature the following:
    • Engine compartment
    • Lubrication system
    • Compressor and radiator fan
    • Electrical compartment, and switch wall
    • Hydraulic room
      • Cable reel
      • Functional tracks
      • Precise location of mast torsion boxes
      • Engineered routing and locations of hoses and conduits
      • Detailed inner cab
      • Realistic drill bit
      • Engineered deck for easy access to components
      • Photoetch catwalks
      • Realistic safety rails, cages, ladders, and grates

Model Dimensions:

  • Model Length: 13.5" (342.9mm)
  • Model Width: 5.5" (139.7mm)
  • Model Height: 8.5" (215.9mm)
  • Model Length Erected: 13.5" (342.9mm)
  • Model Width Erected: 5.5" (139.7mm)
  • Model Height Erected: 23.25" (590.55mm)

Box Dimensions:

  • Length: 26" (660.4mm)
  • Width: 10" (254mm)
  • Height: 10" (254mm)

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  • Editorial Review

Bucyrus 49HR Blasthole Drill

by: Steven Downes

Presented here is the 1:50th scale Bucyrus 49HR blast hole drill rig. The model is very highly detailed throughout and is well packaged in a rather large box. The drill motor housing and drill mast is highly detailed with an access ladder added to the side which goes all the way to the top of the mast, complete with safety cage to prevent falling.

The drill mast can be raised and locked into the working position. The drill motor is finely detailed with hydraulic hoses and electric cables visible. Warning markings have also been added for extra realism. The motor housing can travel the length of the mast by using two provided winding keys.

The cab is exceptionally detailed inside with all the computer screens and operators station controls reproduced. Both cab doors can be opened and the roof window grill can also be raised. Ladders have been added giving access to the roof where work lights and air conditioning units are fitted. All the scaled handrails have been painted yellow matching the authentic corporate colour scheme.

The rear of the model features the large electric cable drum complete with flexible cable and sliding cable guide, along with openings to the huge cooling fan and radiator. Walkways have been added to one side of the machine with etched panels and an opening door giving access to the main electrical distribution housing. The functional ladders at the end of the walkway can be lowered and there are four large stabilisers, two at the front and two at the rear which lower to keep the machine stable while drilling.

The model is supplied with two drill shafts, one long one and one short one. Both are mounted behind the motor assembly in the swing out holders. There is also a small winch and hook which can be operated with the supplied winding key.

The oposite side of the model has three opening doors revealing more electrical systems and radiator. The undercarriage has highly detailed individually linked metal track pads which can be rotated. The main housing has three removable roof panels which reveal the fully detailed interior, complete with electrical panels, generators, distribution components and anti slip floor panel detailing.

The paint finish is high and authentic Bucyrus and warning markings are added throughout. This is another stunning model from TWH and is the perfect partner to the Bucyrus 495HR shovel model.

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